महिषासुर राक्षस | Mahishasur Rakhas (Part 01) | Mahishasura Mardini | GopalaKidz

Characters – Mahishasur, Brahma ji, Indra, Devta, Vishnu ji, Mahesh ji, Durga maa

Moral of the story –

Cruel people are among us. They make it a point to harass innocent people. That is why we must stand together against such forces. But before that you have to believe you can fight evil.

Everyone on Earth was suffering from Mahishasur’s cruelty. To combat this, the Tridevs united their energy & #MaaDurga came into existence to destroy the negative energy of Mahishasur. He was killed by Durga Maa after a tough fight of ten days. To know more about the destruction of evil Mahishasur, keep watching…