Sunder Kand Hindi Part 2

Characters – Hanuman ji, Menak parvat, Jamuvant ji, sursa rakshsahi, singhgika rakshsahi

Moral of the story –

This is one of the most popular mythological stories, which teaches us that we should change our nature and behavior according to the situation. Just like Hanuman ji expanded and squeezed his body as per the situation. In a nutshell, flexibility works…

Lyrics –

Sundarkand is the 5th chapter of Tulsi ramayana, Where one unit headed towards south India, in search of Sita mata, The vanar sena is stuck because they have a huge ocean in front of them and they are wondering how to cross the ocean. Jamuvant ji, one of the elders in the group tells Hanuman that he is capable of crossing the ocean and get the job done.